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​Connecting Needs And Delivering Excellence! Your Trusted Service.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions Tailored to Your Brand's Unique Identity and Requirements.


About Us

Vipa Industries, formed  in year 2017 focuses on FMCG, consumer and general household products. However, we do have experience in trading and other areas from our Parent Company that began in the early 90's. Recently, we have been focusing on products which we have good experience at and hope to cater to your needs. Our research and fundamental skills play a pivotal role in delivering the best products to our clients. 

We have experience in the F&B Industry (FMCG), we source great chocolates, you can contact us for brands available. Other products which we cater to our clients are promotional products which  are customized for different individual needs. Many of our existing clients like products with their Brand Names, and products which are trending and selling fast.

Vipa Industries has connected itself to various high and low end brands globally and continues to strive for more! As a company, we are here to listen to what you need. Our business model caters to small, medium and big buyers,We strive to keep our customer happy!

Why are we different?

Carefully selected products to cater your needs.​

Up to date products which are trending.

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Our Services


Be assured your products will reach door to door & will be up to the best standards.
Why stress when you can leave all the hard work to us?

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Product Sourcing/

Sourcing & Product - Managed by our team of experts who will find you our best competitive products with your choice of branding. We cater to our clients needs by finding the right product tailored to your needs. 


Confirmation of order & Execution

Once your order is confirmed - we will prepare on your all documents for clients. Leave the hassle to us and let your goods arrive with our hard work. Why work with us? Because we will always provide you with excellent service.


Delivery To Your Destination

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Quality control 

  • Insurance, DDP & Necessary

  • Certificates, ie FDA or CE

  • Delivery 

Product List


Product Listing

Product | Description

Pots & Pans | Cookware for boiling, frying, and baking
Knives | Cutting tools for food preparation
Dishware | Plates, bowls, and cups for serving food
Small Appliances | Blenders, toasters, and mixers

Consumer Goods

Product | Description

Clothing | Shirts, pants, and other apparel
Electronics | TVs, computers, and other gadgets
Furniture | Tables, chairs, and other home furnishings
Cosmetics | Makeup, skincare, and other beauty products

Other Multiple Products

Product | Description

Toys | Action figures, dolls, and other playthings
Tools | Hammers, saws, and other hardware
Office Supplies | Pens, paper, and other stationery
Pet Supplies | Food, toys, and other items for pets


Contact us for brand availability.


What Our Customer Say

Great people to work with, very pleased with the quality of goods. Reached on time. Happy to have met the family & Boss of Vipa Industries.


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